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Formatting texts

Many texts in ASC can be formatted, for example ingame-messages, unit description, messages from Events and many others.

The formatting is done by inserting tags into the text. The following tags are available:

Sets the font size to X. Typical sizes are in the range 12 - 18

Inserts the image into the text

Changes the font color to the specified value. RR / GG / BB are the red, green and blue component of the color in hexadecimal format (00 - FF). You can determine them with many HTML editors or graphic manipulation programs (like GIMP)

Resets the font color to the default one, which is defined in the ASC theme

Sets the indentation of lines. X is the amount of indentation for the first line of a paragraph, Y is the indentation for all remaining lines of a paragraph.

Inserts a vertical space of X pixels

Inserts the image of the vehicle type with id X

There are also some more tags being evaluated to render old legacy texts, so you may find them in existing texts, but since they should not be used for new one they are not listed here.

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