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configuring email clients

The default configurations of email clients in ASC are stored in the file email.clients.

Each lines defines one email client. Everything preceding the first colon (:) is treated as the programs name, as visible to the user. Everything after the first colon is the command.

Please note that all pathes must be put in quotes if there is the chance that they contain whitespace characters.

ASC performs variable expansion on this string:

$(to)the mail address of the next player. May be "unknown" if the email address is not available in ASC
$(sv)the mail address of the supervisor. May be empty if no supervisor is available in this game
$(file)the filename that is being sent (without any path)
$(fullfile)the filename that is being sent with full path. On windows this string will use \ as directory separator
$(url)the filename that is being sent in URL syntax, e.g. file:///c:/asc/filename.ascpbm

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