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Defining campaigns

As of ASC, campaigns are not started any more my selecting a map, but by selecting a campaign directly.

ASC identifies campaigns by looking for file that match the *.asccampaign filename pattern. These files must have the following syntax:

campaign {
   name = My new ASC campaign

description = [ Achieve world dominance. More text. Several lines]

file =

} campaign

The file tag can also contain a wildcard like asc*.map. In that case, a file selector will appear and let the user chose one of the maps matching the wildcard. This is intended for testing purposes, where a developer wants the possibility to start with any map and has an additional .asccampaign file for that purpose in his directory. Users shouldn't be bothered with filenames in campaigns at all.

Last change: Sun, 2008-06-15 4:41

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