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How to use the ReInforcement Event

This article focuses on the Reinforcement event action. It is assumed that you are familiar with setting up the event triggers, as this is not difficult and can easily be tested with an event action like Display Immediate Message. I recommend to setup the triggers first and test them with Display Immediate Message. Once that is working, change the event action to Reinforcement.

A prerequisite for setting up the Reinforcement action is that you position all units that you want to appear on the map.

Take a look at this example: the Assault tank shall appear on the beginning of turn 2 as reinforcement.

We are selecting the Reinforcement action and chose Append units/buildings.

Every Reinforcement action has an internal buffer that contains the units and buildings that should appear. The difference between these 3 options is apparent when you want to modify a Reinforcement action that you already setup.

Now you select the Assault Tank. Once the cursor is positioned on the unit, you press either the space key or press the mark (space) button with the mouse. The tank will disappear. This is the sign that it was removed from the real map and placed in the reinforcement buffer of the event.

The key condition is that the units must have disappeared from the map. If they didn't, then you didn't select them correctly and you don't need to bother testing the event in the game itself.

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