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What to do when replay errors occur

Replay errors can occur in three situations:

  1. Updates to data files
  2. A player is cheating
  3. ASC has bugs

Suppose we have two players playing ASC. Player A and player B. Player B is watching the replay of A and is getting replay errors.

1) Updates to data files
Suppose player A makes his turn with data files version 1. Then an update to ASC is made, changing some units. After that, player B watches the replay of player A. He will get replay errors, because the new units behave differently than the old ones. These errors are typically differing resources, differing damage or units not able to perform their movement. Getting these errors when updating is perfectly normal - but you should be aware that an update was done.

2) A player is cheating
This is basically the same as above, except that player A created his own private update to the units giving him boosted tanks, for example. This is something that is not acceptable, of course. So when no official ASC update was made and you get these replay errors, player B should contact player A and inquire about the data that he used and that he should make sure to use the same version.

3) ASC has bugs
It may be that ASC has bugs which prevent the replay from working correctly, although both player A and B used exactly the same ASC version. These errors should be tracked down and fixed, but that requires player A to isolate them. This is described in detail in article #76.

Please only contact the programmers in case of 3) and after you have isolated the problem as described in article #76.

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