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how to decompress the data files

The ASC data containers (*.CON) are compressed archives which can be decompressed with a tool that comes with ASC. The Windows-Version is called DEMOUNT.EXE and is part of the editor package, the unix version is called asc_demount and is compiled and installed together with ASC itself.

If you are familiar working on the command line, you just need to know that when you run demount datafile.con it extracts all files to the current directory.

For Windows users who are not familiar with working on the command line, here's are the steps to extract a data file:

  1. create a new directory where the extracted files are going to be placed. In this example I'll use D:\ASC\DATA-FILES
  2. open a command prompt (sometimes called DOS prompt)
  3. type D: and hit enter to change your drive to D:
  4. type cd "asc\data-files" to enter the directory we just created (the quotation marks are used because the directory may have spaces in its name)
  5. open the Windows Explorer and locate the directory where you installed the ASC editor package. In a subdirectory called tools there is the file demount.exe
  6. use the mouse to drag this file into your command window
  7. enter a space in the command window
  8. now find the ASC data container that you want to extract and drag it into the command window too
  9. now hit enter in the command window.
  10. that was it. Now all files contained in the data container have been extracted to D:\ASC\ASC-FILES

If you get an error message that a DLL file (for example SDL.DLL) could not be found, you can either:

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