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Translating ASC maps

For many years, ASC has only supported a single language. The program itself was in English, while maps where either English or German.

With version , ASC now supports internationalization for maps.

Identifying language

ASC uses the same system for naming languages as the LANG environment variable. en_US is US-English de_DE is german, and so on.

Translating Maps

Message events usually store their message directly in the event (so called 'Immediate Message Event'). This text is stored inside the .map file and then (while playing) inside the .sav file. Getting the .map or the .sav file is all you need to play that game.

The messages that are stored directly in the file have a given language. All map creators should specify the language that they type their messages in into the appropriate field of the Map Properties.

To translate a message, you first need to get hold of the message texts as raw text formats. Start the map editor, load the map, goto File/Preference and activate Save event message seperately. When you now save the map, a seperate file will be created.

The has as default language de_DE . When saving, a file will be created, containing all the message.

If you now want to create an english translation, rename the file to and translate its content. When you setup ASC to use the language en_US (either in game options or ASC detects that automatically) and you load , ASC will look for, find it and load the translated messages.

All further savegames of that map will now have the english messages, regardless if you switch to another language will playing this map.

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