ASC Portal - Frequently Asked Questions

I have created an Account - what now?

First thing you might want to look at are the account settings. Those are in the "Global" menu box, under "Account". There, you might want to decide which kind of notifications you want from the portal. By default, all notifications are disabled. After that, you might want to join up with a Project, like Duells.

Joining a Project

Joining a Project is easy: Select the Option "Project Membership" in the "Global" menu box. There you will find a list of all Projects hosted on this server, and by clicking on the arrow button next to the project, you can join - or leave - a project.

Switching between Projects

Now that you've joined a project, you might want to take a look what this project offers to it's members. To look at a project menu, select the name of the project in the menu box named "Projects" - the topmost menu box.

It's my turn. How do i get the Savegame?

There are several possibilites. If you've allowed the server to send you mails with attachments, and notify you when a turn is available for you, the mail will have the savegame as attachment. You can also manually download it by following the link that is given in the mail. Or, if you haven't got a mail at all, you can also go to the project in which the game is running, do to "Download" in the project menu, and then select the appropriate game.

I completed my turn. What do i do now?

To upload your turn, you have to go to the project menu of the project which runs the game, and select the "Upload" menu entry. Select the game for which you want to upload your turn, and the file, and then click submit.

How do i start a game of my own?

That depends on the project. To start a Duell game of your own, assuming you are already member of the Duells project, select the option "New Game" from the Duells project menu. Supply a name for the game, the filename pattern as selected in ASC (usually something like "mapname-$p-$t.ascpbm"; should now also be guessed automatically, provided you configured the game correctly) select the ascpbm file of the first player, and select the players that participate in the duell and who supervises the game in the pbem server. You can also set some participants as "Hidden", if you wish to keep their identity confidential. It is also possible not to start with the first savegame of the duell, in which case you have to select the current turn and the slot of the player whos savegame gets uploaded (not the player whos turn it now will be).

We finished our Game, how do we get rid of it?

Assuming you're taling about a Duell, the supervisor of the game has to select the option "Admin" from the Duells project menu. There, he has to select the game you want to delete, and press the "delete" button. A game will also be deleted if all participants leave the game.